Vedic Mantras in astrology

Mantras have a well-entrenched significance in astrology, especially mantras for 9 planets in astrology or Navagraha mantras as they call them. Each planet in astrology maintains its own significance in a native’s life as it’s the positives or negatives of these planets that influence his or her life decisions in the long term. Hence, as any astrologer would tell you, to get the best results from life, pleasing different planets in astrology becomes crucial. In fact, not just pleasing the planets, but when the question is about getting the best from life, pleasing any astronomical body, including Nakshatras, Vastu energy, Yantras or even God can help. And one of the many ways to please these elements of astrology is through mantras.

What is Vedic Mantra in Astrology?

Before we sit down to learn about all the different types of mantras in astrology, it is crucial that we first understand what mantras are all about and how to use or say, recite them, and what benefits can different mantras bring to the native.

The ancient Vedic astrology, for 1000s of years, has been about making life easy for an individual. And to do so, Vedic astrology recognises three major remedies or upays. These three remedies are Mantras, Yantras and Gemstones.

When we talk about Mantra recitation as a remedy, it is considered the most sought way not only to decipher and solve your problems but also to please God and planets in astrology. In fact, reciting Mantras is also associated with personal satisfaction and can allow anyone peace of mind if they have been struggling to find some. Hence, mantras in astrology are not just about spiritual benefits but also psychological benefits.

To define, Mantras in Vedic astrology are a combination of syllabus or hymns, which, if pronounced correctly, helps the native to concentrate one’s mind on the universal energy and infinite spiritual energy within the self. Mantras have existed in the world for over 1000s of years and find mention in numerous religious books written in the past, including the Vedas. Over the years, as Rishis have come to realise the benefits of reciting Mantras in astrology, they have happened to add-on to the list of mantras.

The essence of the Mantra comes from its ‘Root word’ or Beej and the power generated by it is called Mantra Shakti. Each of the root words in a mantra is associated with a planet or God. Mantra Chanting or Mantra jaap physically prompts you to synchronise your sound, breathing and senses. The sound produced by the mantras has the ability to transform your emotions and the way you think altogether and take you to a higher spiritual level. In fact, recitation of mantras on a regular basis creates a sense of spiritual awareness in the person and leads him towards a life of peace and tranquillity.

Today, with the emergence of Yoga and its worldwide acceptability as a way of mental and physical healing has given a major recognition to mantra chanting. Even science today believes in the power of mantra and recommends people to combine it with their Yoga schedule to experience peace and well being of mind, body and soul.

Relationship between Mind and Mantras

Mantras can bring you many benefits, but if you think reciting mantras would do some magic and take away all your problems at once, then you are simply living in a bubble. If you ever ask an astrologer how Mantras work, they will tell you how a mantra alters the way you think, which eventually permits you to change your life or actions for good. However, to have these wonderful benefits of mantras on your mind, you need to practise - recite - them on a regular basis.

The word ‘mantra’ has its roots in the ancient Sanskrit language. Mantra as a word is made of two terms ‘man’ which means ‘mind’ and ‘tra’ which means ‘tool or instrument’. Thus a Manta is nothing but a tool for thinking. As only when you think of your full potential, only then can you make the required changes in your life. But the question must be asked, why do we end up plaguing our thinking process? Astrologers claim that humans are not just intellectual beings but also emotional beings who are habitual to making decisions based on their emotional acumen. This leads to unalignment of mind and feelings at times, which results in confusion for the native. Hence to align our minds with our feelings, mantras come into the picture.

Our mind is always in a state of activity, and recitation of a mantra acts as an instrument to bring it to a standstill for relaxation. As we are in our peace zone now, we are able to connect with our subconscious. This allows us a deeper state of awareness, thus helping us make better decisions in life. In fact, some of the mantras in astrology are simply melodic phrases that do not even have any particular meaning. Their sole purpose is to musically uplift the senses of an individual, as music is usually known to hit the right chords within us. This way, one is better able to align his mind and heart to take a fruitful life decision for himself.

Astrological importance of Mantras

As someone born in India, it is likely impossible that you haven't heard a Mantra in your life. Be it a temple, a wedding ceremony or simply Bhoomi Pujan, Pandits tend to recite mantras at all these, and many more occasions. The mantras are recited to appease either the planets or Gods, and is one of the ways to ask them for their blessings. Having said that, there are numerous mantras in astrology, and each one of them is associated with a divine force.

Just like there is a mantra for all planets in astrology, similarly, there are mantras for each Chakra in astrology too. So in case any of the Chakra in your body gets blocked or is not able to transfer the required energy, chanting the associated mantra with it can help unblock it and can surge its life force energy.

Besides, Mantra chanting is an essential part of many religions. Reciting a mantra helps the native connect with the divinity in the universe who he thinks of as the ruling force. You must have seen in movies or even heard from your elders (or even in Yoga) how in order to connect with the supreme force we first need to focus our thoughts on one thing. Reciting mantras helps in doing just that. It calms our minds and helps us attain the state where we can feel our inner consciousness. Although doing so is tough, but we do have a plan for it. And what's that?

The 40 days concept of Mantra

Just like it takes 21 days to tame any habit, similarly, it takes approx 40 days to shift your consciousness towards spirituality and mental peace. If practising mantra reciting, astrologers suggest that you must recite a mantra 108 times a day for a cycle of 40 days. 40 days is the minimum time required to make a shift in the consciousness of a person and let him brew the focus it requires to get the best out of reciting a mantra. Also, the number 108 refers to the number of nadis that need to get energised in order to feel the blissful aspects of a mantra.

Surya Mantra

"Om Hring Hraung Suryay Namah" Chant the Surya Beej mantra 7000 times within 40 days to see the best results for yourself.

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Chandra Mantra

"Om Aing Kling Somay Namah" Chant the Chandra beeja mantra 11,000 times within a period of 40 days.

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Mangal Mantra

"Om Hung Shring Bhaumay Namah" Chanting mangal mantra for 10,000 times within the period of 40 days can bring you the best results.

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