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Join a free live session with India's best Astrologers, Tarot readers, Vaastu experts, Numerologists, life coaches, and many more, and ask questions through a live chat regarding love, relationships, career, marriage, finance, and more.

In a new way to interact with astrologers, Astroweds brings you Astroweds Live, where you can talk to astrologers via live sessions and ask them questions for free. Astroweds Live is a new and innovative way to talk to an astrologer face-to-face and get your queries answered while enjoying the best of astrology. On Astroweds live, anyone can get guidance from the best astrologers in India on questions spanning across topics such as marriage, career, love, health and much more.

Talking with astrologers through live sessions is one of the most popular features of Astroweds, as no other app provides this unique way to consult an astrologer. Apart from just being unique, the feature is easy to use and highly interactive. Accessing an astrologer on Astroweds Live is fairly simple, and so is getting your queries answered by them. To have the best experience of live sessions, it is recommended that you ask YES and NO questions to the astrologer. Also, if you like the session being delivered by an astrologer, you can even contribute to their earnings by the means of donations. The Astroweds Live feature is also available on the Astroweds app.

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Chat with Astrologers Live

Why Google 'astrologer near me' when astrologers can come right to you and guide you through all your major life problems? And with Astroweds, we have made this possible for you. Astroweds's Live astrologer feature brings you the luxury of talking with astrologers live and asking them questions for free and that too without any hidden cost involved. Astroweds Live is a unique feature, which is another innovation in the field of online astrology that makes astrology consultation effortless, entertaining and simple for both - the astrologers and the users. The feature currently is solely available on Astroweds and is an innovation you will enjoy. So, hop on!!

Astroweds is currently India's largest online astrology platform, with over 5000 astrologers on board. Known as one of the most authentic and genuine platforms to talk or chat with astrologers in India, Astroweds deals in numerous astrology components, including Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Panchang, Lal Kitab astrology and much more. At Astroweds, we got expert astrologers in all these segments. All these astrology elements have their own significance in the world of astrology and can help you in knowing various things about your life's past, present and future. Through all these components, a person can know about various aspects of his or her life, such as marriage, finance, love, education and much more.

The sole motive of Astrology online through chat, talk or live feature is to help people save time, money, and pain of finding astrologers for themselves in the hustle and bustle of the city. Besides, to ensure credibility, Astroweds has, over the years, worked extensively to add value to customer service. And a good chunk of credit for this goes to the astrologers who work for 100% customer satisfaction using their knowledge to deliver impeccable astrology consultancy.

Astroweds live, an innovation

To have a query answered through astrologers, the process at Astroweds is not only simple but also diverse. At Astroweds, an online astrology consultation can be taken through text, call or consultation via video conferencing. Across all three methods, you can ask questions to astrologers spanning across various aspects of your life. These questions can range from any area of your life, such as education, love, career, marriage and much more. When you choose to talk to astrologers on Call or Chat, you get the first session with the astrologer absolutely FREE and then you need to pay to talk or chat with the astrologer. However, the paying mechanism is not a thing when it comes to conversing with astrologers on live sessions. Any user can join the live session and take an astrologer consultation for free, aka, ask astrologers questions there. The feature aims to serve anyone and everyone with astrology consultation, irrespective of the fact whether they are spending money on the app or not.

Astrology has existed on the planet for thousands of years but has been deprived of innovations for various reasons. However, this was not always the case. India has an old tradition of astrological reading, and it has creatively adapted itself with time and as per the needs and demands of society. For example, back in the Rig Vedic times, animal sacrifice was a prevalent concept in the dominant Brahmanical society, which was supported by astrology. However, reforms in the field of Brahminism and astrology discarded the idea of animal sacrifice and demanded that all living beings, whether animal or human, must be given equal respect. This led to a ban on animal sacrifice and was the first step toward the transformation of astrology.

However, when western thought began dominating the world, it changed the way people feel about astrology. And with time, as Indians too began to get influenced by westernisation, it led to the division of people into two segments, one that believes in astrology and one that doesn't. As the latter was the dominant force, it led to the lurking back of astrology into the shadows. Yet, with the emergence of online astrology, things changed. Today, Astroweds delivering 2,50,000+ minutes of astrology consultation each day proves that astrology has a long way to go. And innovations like Live astrology will only help strengthen its presence.

Over the years, as astrology has savoured the taste of digitization, innovations have followed, helping more and more people connect with the hows and wows of the vedic science. Talking with astrologers through the live session is one such innovation that has changed how one absorbs astrology. In a busy city life marred with professional and personal responsibilities, it can get tough to find the best astrologers in Mumbai or any city or consult with astrologers personally. In such situations, the digitization of astrology services is a boon for many. Today, when life seems directionless, astrology is one of the resorts to give it a new direction. And that's the only reason why millions of people, rich and poor, trust and believe in astrology.


Live astrology involves real-time consultations with professional astrologers who can provide insights, guidance, and answers to your questions based on astrology. It can benefit you by offering clarity on life's challenges, relationships, career choices, and more.

To join a live astrology session, visit our website or open our mobile app select your preferred astrologer and simply join the live session.

Our team of experienced astrologers are the astrologers who are available for sessions with their expertise and knowledge in various areas of astrology. You can find detailed profiles of our astrologers on our website or mobile app.

We offer a variety of astrology readings, including natal chart readings, compatibility readings, career guidance, and more.

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