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Kundli milan or kundali matching is an important consideration to make when you decide to get married. Kundli matching, also called Gun matching or Horoscope matching is the first step towards marriage when the parents decide to match the kundlis of the girl and the boy to ensure the couple is compatible. The gun milan exercise has been a part of India's culture for 1000s of years now and continues to be so.

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Kundali Matching at reveals the partners' cosmological compatibility. Our system show’s planetary alignments in their birth charts to evaluate the degree of harmony and potential difficulties in their relationship. This age-old technique which has been automated to our system to provide you with priceless insights that direct couples toward a happy and fruitful journey together.

When it comes to marriage, Kundali matching or horoscope matching is very crucial, especially in Hinduism. According to Hindu scriptures, marriage is a divine union that was intended before one's birth. One of life's most lovely experiences is getting married. Everyone desires a good spouse with whom they may share happy times and make lovely memories. In our Hindu society, marriage is a significant feature, people today are particularly interested in choosing the ideal life mate. Hinduism matches the horoscopes or Kundalis of the boy and the girl to counteract any negative impacts of marriage. Astrology also provides a number of treatments and strategies to counteract the negative effects of any doshas.

We want to promote understanding and enhance the basis of relationships through this transforming process. No matter if you're looking for an arranged marriage or want to strengthen an already-existing relationship, our Kundali Matching feature offers the divine assurance for a happy and peaceful life to come.

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Kundli Matching : Kundli Gun Milan

A friend or a foe?

Every human being who walks this earth brings with themselves their own set of energies. And each of these energy fields is governed by certain planets and zodiac signs. As a whole different person, the energy field that you entertain ought to be completely different from others. Or to simplify, your energies might not be compatible with others, and this what makes you and any other person you meet, different.

Thus, here is when Kundli matching, also called kundli milan or horoscope matching or kundali gun milan, comes to your rescue. Kundli matching, as an ancient science, allows us to witness if the energies we entail match or complement with the energies of our partner or the one we plan to tie the knot with. To explain, Kundli Milan (match making) gives us an insight into how compatible the two people are with/for each other, as compatibility is one of the most important traits that keeps two people together in the long run.

Horoscope matching, also known as Kundli matching in Vedic astrology, considers both; the position of the planets at the time of your birth and their current positions to find how compatible two people are for each other. Kundli matching is necessary to find if the position of the planets is likely or unlikely. For example, if Rahu is poised negatively (Rahu Mahadasha) in one’s Rashi, it is not the best time for them to get married. Similarly, the Kundli matching process can help find if the girl or the boy is Mangalik or not? And in case one of them is, your kundli helps in highlighting how one’s Managalik dosha will affect the other person.

Kundli Milan - A Friend Or A Foe?

However, the world, in recent times, has grown up to develop a very wrong perception about Kundli matching (match making). Couples, especially the ones who dream of a love marriage, find Kundli matching as a hurdle in their relationship. Many of them are scared of the questions that would arise if their kundlis don't match and thus find ways to skip the gun milan ritual. However, this perception of the couples about kundli matching is nothing but merely wrong facts aka half baked knowledge that have been forced into their minds.

Honestly speaking, astrology never works as a bone of contention for your relationship. Instead, if you ever talk to an astrologer and ask them about your relationship, they will only introduce you to ways using which you can better your relationship. Our astrologers over the years have bumped into multiple instances where the couple really wanted to get married but their kundli was not matching. In such situations, our astrologers, being understanding enough, relied on sharing the best advice around how such couples shall support each other after marriage to harness a sound relationship even if their kundlis don’t match. Astrologers also shared with them the remedies that they can practice to make up for the lack of compatibility. And today these couples tell us how it has all worked fine for them.

Kundali Matchmaking

Elevate Your Soul Mate Search

Kundali matchmaking, or Horoscope matching, is a traditional practice in Hindu culture. In this, the horoscopes of a couple are checked to determine their compatibility for marriage.

Kundali matching is like ensuring the stars are aligned for a happy marriage. It's about checking if the couple's birth charts match well. If they do, they're believed to have a better chance at a happy life together.

Following Vedic scriptures, marriage is considered a divine union, and one of life's most delightful experiences is getting married. Everyone aspires to have an excellent life partner with whom they can create cherished memories.

Most Indian marriages involve Kundali matching based on names and dates of birth. This practice enables both individuals to assess their compatibility with each other.

In Hinduism, matching horoscopes or Kundali for the prospective bride and groom is undertaken to deal with any effects on the marriage.

Families seeking a reliable online tool for marriage matching for their children are encouraged to explore our tool today.

Benefits of Kundali Matching

  • Checking Compatibility: It's like making sure two people are like puzzle pieces that fit well together. We want them to be happy and understand each other.
  • Stars and Planets: We believe the stars and planets in the sky can affect our lives. Kundali matching looks at these things when people are born to see if they can have a happy life together.
  • Avoiding Problems: It helps us find and fix any possible problems before two people get married. It's like making sure the road ahead is smooth.
  • Making Smart Choices: Families can make better decisions about marriage by using Kundali matching. It's like having a guide to help them know if everything will be okay.
  • Starting Happy Marriages: The main goal is to help people have a happy and long-lasting marriage. It's like giving them a good start on their big adventure together.
  • Special Tradition: In our Hindu culture, it's a special and old tradition. It makes getting married feel even more special and important.

Factors of Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching is like checking a cosmic puzzle to see if two people fit well together. In their birth charts, we look at traits (Guna Milan) and potential hiccups (Doshas like Mangal Dosha). It's all about understanding how these celestial factors affect their future harmony. In Kundali Matching, several factors are considered to check the compatibility of two individuals. These factors include:

Guna Matching

Guna matching involves checking the qualities of both partners based on predetermined criteria. It is like a compatibility check where we look at the qualities of both partners based on specific criteria. These qualities are called Gunas, and checking how well they match up helps determine if the couple is a good fit. Each quality, or Guna, is given points. We add up these points to see how compatible the qualities are. There are three main qualities: Satva (goodness), Rajas (passion), and Tamas (ignorance). It's like looking at how much kindness, energy, and understanding there is between the couple. By checking the balance of Gunas, we ensure that the couple's qualities complement each other.

Doshas Analysis

Doshas analysis is like checking the birth charts of two people when they want to get married. There are different types of doshas, like Nadi Dosha and Bhakoot Dosha. Each one is like a different challenge in a game, and astrologers know how to help fix them. Astrologers look at the unique charts of both people. They might say there's a dosha if they find certain combinations or positions. Each Dosha has specific for a marriage's personality, health, and compatibility. The purpose of Doshas' analysis is not only to identify potential challenges. Astrologers address Doshas through astrological guidance; individuals and families aim to increase the likelihood of a harmonious and prosperous married life.

Planetary Positions

In Kundali Matching, looking at where the planets were when you were born is really important. Astrologers check the positions of celestial bodies like the Sun, Moon, and Mars in the birth charts of people who want to get married. They believe how these planets are positioned can affect different parts of your life, like your personality and job. Most importantly, it influences how well you'll get along in a marriage. Astrologers carefully study these planetary positions to understand how they might impact the couple's relationship. So, in simple terms, checking where the planets were when you were born is a vital part of Kundali Matching to see if you're a good match with your partner.

Bhakoot and Nadi

Bhakoot and Nadi are two more things astrologers look at in Kundali Matching. These factors give extra information about how well the couple might get along. Bhakoot looks at the connection between the Moon signs of both partners, while Nadi focuses on the couple's health. Astrologers aim to create a clearer picture of how the couple might interact and understand each other in their future life together. These extra details contribute to a more thorough compatibility assessment in Kundali Matching.

How to get my free Kundali matching service from Astroweds?

You can follow a simple and user-friendly process to get the free Kundali matching service from Astroweds. Begin by visiting the Astroweds website, where you'll likely find a dedicated section or tool designed explicitly for Kundali matching. Once there, you might be prompted to provide essential details such as your name, date, time, and place of birth. Similarly, you must input the corresponding details for your prospective partner. After submitting the necessary birth details, the Astroweds platform has advanced algorithms and astrological principles to generate your Kundali and that of your potential partner. The system will then check various astrological factors, including Guna matching, Doshas, and planetary positions. The comprehensive checking provides insights into the compatibility between you and your partner. Once the analysis is complete, Astroweds typically generates a detailed Kundali matching report. This report may outline the compatibility score, highlight areas of strength, and bring attention to potential challenges in the relationship based on astrological considerations. Some platforms may offer personalised recommendations or remedies to mitigate any identified Doshas or challenges. It's important to note that while Kundali matching can provide valuable insights, individual preferences, communication, and mutual understanding play crucial roles in any relationship. Astroweds' free Kundali matching service serves as a tool to provide astrological guidance. It allows individuals to make informed decisions about their potential life partners within the framework of traditional and cultural beliefs.

How Kundali Matching Works

Kundali Matching is a traditional practice in Hindu culture that aims to assess a couple's compatibility before marriage. The process involves checking the prospective bride and groom's Kundalis or birth charts. Here's an overview of how Kundali Matching works:

Preparation of Kundalis

  • Kundalis are like unique maps capturing the positions of stars and planets at the exact time someone is born.
  • Creating a Kundali is like making a chart showing where the Sun, Moon, and planets were in the sky when a person was born.
  • These Kundalis are the starting point for the whole process of Kundali Matching.
  • To make an accurate Kundali, we need to know the exact date, time, and place of a person's birth.
  • Kundali is divided into twelve parts of your life: family, relationship, career, and many more.
  • Astrologers use this map to understand a person's personality and predict what might happen in the future based on the positions of the stars and planets.

Guna Milan (Matching of Traits)

  • Guna Milan, also known as the Matching of Traits, is crucial in Kundali Matching.
  • In this step, astrologers focus on comparing the positions of the moon in the Kundalis of the prospective couple.
  • The main idea behind Guna Milan is to understand how well-matched the traits of the couple are.
  • Astrologers give points based on how closely the characteristics line up, and these points go up to 36. A higher score means better compatibility.
  • This process checks different parts of their personalities and lives to understand if they will get along. Guna Milan helps predict how well the couple might work together.

Checking of Nakshatras

  • Nakshatras are lunar constellations, and their positions at birth are considered in Kundali Matching.
  • The checking of Nakshatras plays a significant role.
  • Astrologers check the compatibility between the Nakshatras of the bride and groom. It is believed to influence their compatibility in a marital relationship.
  • This consideration of Nakshatras helps astrological understanding in the evaluation.

Mangal Dosha Evaluation

Mangal Dosha is like a cosmic red flag linked to the position of Mars in the birth chart. According to Hindu mythology, it's often seen as inauspicious. When astrologers check for Mangal Dosha in Kundali Matching, they are adding an extra layer of consideration. It helps to show how cosmic influences might affect the dynamics of the couple's relationship. It's like checking if there might be any extra challenges related to how Mars is positioned in their birth charts. In simple terms, Mangal Dosha is like a caution sign, helping us be aware of potential influences on how a couple might get along in marriage.

Nadi Dosha Analysis

In the process of Kundali Matching, there's a specific analysis called Nadi Dosha. Nadi means the pulse or life force energy. It's like the special energy that keeps us alive. Checking Nadi is super important because it helps find out if there could be any challenges in a marriage. We want to make sure everything is happy and healthy. Astrologers look at the Nadi of both people who want to get married. If there's something called Nadi Dosha, there might be some unwanted stuff ahead.

Bhakoot Dosha Examination

Bhakoot Dosha is related to the position of the moon in the Kundalis. Its specific combinations are believed to be inauspicious. Bhakoot Dosha is about how the moon hangs out in the Kundalis. Some moon combinations are seen as not-so-great for a happy marriage. Astrologers study the moon sign of both people getting married. If they find certain combos, they might say there's Bhakoot Dosha. Bhakoot Dosha is like a moon check to ensure the couple lives together in harmony through all the phases of their married life.

Finding the Right Partner through Kundali Matching

Some believe Kundali matches to help find the right life partner. In our Hindu culture, we believe that Kundali matching can help find the right life partner. In these myths, Kundalis are thought to shape our destinies. Kundali matching involves checking birth charts for things like Guna matching, Doshas, and where the planets are hanging out. If these factors align positively, it suggests good compatibility, like finding a destination for a happy marriage journey. Guna matching shows qualities celebrated in stories; Doshas highlight legendary figures' challenges, and planetary positions give insights. The idea is that a positive similarity of these factors suggests a good compatibility destination for a happy marriage. Guna matching provides the qualities celebrated in these tales. At the same time, Doshas shows the challenges faced by legendary figures and planetary positions. Kundali matching offers insights, personal choices, preferences, and good communication, which are critical for a strong relationship.


For a successful marriage, at least 18 of the 36 gunas evaluated for Kundli Milan must match. However, one should keep in mind that a high score may not be the only factor determining the future of a marriage.

In kundli matchmaking, the most crucial parameters include Guna matching, which evaluates compatibility based on various aspects such as temperament, behaviour, and spirituality. Doshas like Mangal Dosha and Nadi Dosha are also significant factors in determining the overall compatibility between individuals.

Yes, Mangal Dosha matching is considered necessary in kundali matchmaking. Mangal Dosha, caused by the unfavourable positioning of Mars in the birth chart, is believed to influence a person's temperament and can affect marital compatibility.

Online Kundli matching can be pretty accurate if reliable software is used and experienced astrologers conduct the process. The principles followed in online free kundali milan are similar to traditional methods for accurate results when the information provided is precise.

While Kundali matching is a traditional practice, there may be circumstances where individuals choose to marry without it. However, it is advisable to consult with an astrologer to understand potential consequences and areas that may require attention in the relationship.

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