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Welcome to the Astroweds Vendors page!

At Astroweds, we appreciate the importance of your special day, and we certainly do not take it lightly. We realise that the road to a picture-perfect wedding begins with the vendors, and we want you to know that you are in good hands. We only select the best vendors in the wedding industry, the kind of vendors who bring magic to any venue they step foot into, whether it's a whimsical, romantic garden ceremony, a romantic, glamorous ballroom affair, or an exotic destination wedding—our vendors will turn your dream wedding into reality.

Photography & Videography

At Astroweds, we understand your wedding photography and videography should be more than mere documentation — it should be an immersive experience that allows you to relive the magic, love, and joy of that day. At Astroweds, we have expert photographers and videographers who can flawlessly blend candid designs and traditional styles.

They’ll collaborate with you to capture the magic of your wedding from multiple perspectives, whether that’s the quiet moments followed by tearful vows, the endless laughter as you pull each other close, or the grand celebration of the love you’ve just celebrated. Each vibrant photo and film is a testament to the authenticity and beauty of your wedding day.

Beauty Parlor/ Beautician

At Astroweds, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most pivotal moments in your life — and we're dedicated to curating a bridal beauty experience that's more than just skin deep. Our masterful bridal makeup artists are highly skilled in the latest trends and techniques so that you can opt for anything from timeless elegance to trendsetting modernity. In other words? It's a wedding, not a photoshop tutorial. What's more, we also offer custom beauty packages that are designed to serve your individual needs and preferences. In other words, we handle everything from the initial consultation through the final touch-up, so you're constantly in a state that's more pampered, confident, and beautiful.


We, at Astroweds, realise that the ambience significantly contributes to the fabric of memories stored away from that particular date. Our band of skilled decorators is dedicated to translating concepts into concrete where the space articulates not only your aesthetic but also spontaneously narrates the journey into your happily ever after.
Our wedding decoration services are wholeheartedly bent on allowing the language of flowers to dominate. Expertly weaving them into the centrepieces and bouquets, we believe floral arrangements give voice to feelings that are sometimes elusive and fill any setting they find themselves in with warmth, romance, and innocent beauty. The themed decor is also an area where we excel at Astroweds, where we join forces to concretize the visual lexicon you have in mind down to each last detail.


Dance is one of the most memorable and personal parts of your wedding celebration. At Astroweds, we understand dance can communicate emotions in ways that words sometimes cannot. That’s why we offer custom choreography where our professional choreographers not only teach you to dance but also create an experience.
Whether it’s a sangeet night, a Bollywood theme party, or a couple dancing, our choreographers will work with you to understand the way you move, your style, your comfort level, and the feelings you want to evoke. We believe every couple is unique and your dance should reflect that. Our goal is that when you dance, it's not only good but also so comfortable that you feel connected to your partner.

Jewellery & Accessories

At Astroweds, we understand that the right jewellery and accessories can transform your bridal appearance into pure grace. Our bridal jewellery sets are sophisticated in design, featuring intricate and exquisite details crafted from the finest metals and stones to create designs that are inspired by both time-honoured tradition and eye-catching contemporary elegance.
Our vendors offer exquisite collections in a diverse range of styles catering to the bride's taste and perfectly complementing the style of the bridal gown.
Astroweds is also proud to feature a beautiful selection of custom-made bridal accessories, from intricate headpieces and elegant veils to fashion-forward statement pieces, all designed to coordinate perfectly with our collection to complete your perfect bridal look

Catering Services

Astroweds knows the art of catering goes way beyond just bringing food—a great caterer is one who curates an unforgettable experience.
While our skilled chefs aim to please every palate, they ensure each dish is balanced for different types of guests. From starters to the main dish, each course invites curiosity and delight through balanced textures and pleasant hues.
You and your guests will enjoy skilled, friendly service provided by our professional staff, who are devoted to ensuring an enjoyable atmosphere for you to celebrate your wedding. Astroweds offers a variety of catering packages to accommodate your tastes and budget.

Wedding Invitation Card

At Astroweds, we understand that your wedding invitation is not just a piece of paper; it’s a tangible representation of the love and commitment you're about to share. Our collection features every kind of design, from intricately detailed to elegantly simple; there’s something for every couple.
But what’s truly remarkable about our wedding invitation design is that all of the pieces are ultimately yours. It all comes together for you with the help of our amazing designers, who will collaborate with you until your invitation card is perfect.
Whether it’s creating a design and concept from scratch, incorporating a few meaningful symbols, or adapting tone to more closely match the story of your relationship, they’ll work with you on every detail.

Wedding Vehicles

At Astroweds, we know that the journey to your wedding venue is just as important to you as the destination itself; our Wedding Vehicle Rental Services aims to provide you with a selection from which to choose your perfect mode of transport, ensuring that your entrance is as memorable as your day.
For the glamorous couple, our high-end cars provide a sleek and sophisticated option. At the same time, our bridal carriage collection allows for a more traditional entrance, perfect for those who dream of arriving in the timeless fairytale style.


At Astroweds, we understand that the narrative of your wedding day begins with your venue. That’s why we offer something for everyone – find your perfect venue and let it tell the tale you have in mind for your special day.
For those eager to say “I do” indoors, the combined beauty of modern amenities and vintage charm is definitely what you’re after. We offer breathtaking indoor event spaces perfect for all tastes and styles. Alternatively, you can dig your toes into the sand and watch the sunset over waves as you say “I do” during an outdoor affair. Choose your venue and let the natural beauty shine through.

Groom Wear

At Astroweds, we know that the groom’s attire helps to create that confident, stylish presence. We have put together a collection that speaks to different tastes and preferences so every groom is able to find just what he is looking for to match his style. Our Classic Suits are all about impeccable tailoring for the men who appreciate classic sophistication, allowing for a sharp and refined look.
From the most traditional black-tie elegance to the latest in contemporary designs, these suits are made to exacting standards so the groom is able to make a statement with his attire. Our Men’s Wedding Attire also includes a comprehensive assortment of traditional sherwanis. Detailed embroidery and a fusion of modern and traditional looks in our sherwanis give the groom a selection that lets him pay tribute to his heritage.

Bride Dresses

At Astroweds, we understand that the bridal dress is more than an outfit; it is an expression of the bride's character, her fashion, and the beginning of a timeless love story. For those with a keen eye for traditions, our collection is adorned with intricately designed lehengas that manifest cultural charm. Detailed with impeccable embroidery, opulent fabrics, and traditional motifs, our lehengas are a jubilation of heritage and timeless beauty.
For those who prefer the modern bridal look, our collection of gowns is a spectacle of contemporary elegance and refinery. From simple and clean lines to elaborate and romantic silhouettes, our bridal gowns enchant the sense of today's bride.

Cakes & Bakery

We understand the importance of sweet moments in an event at Astroweds. Our talented team of bakers pays meticulous attention to detail, creating each cake as a visual masterpiece that fits the overall aesthetic of your event. From classic and elegant to modern and trendy, our wedding cakes are fully customizable to fit your style and taste.
Our Bakery Delights don’t stop at our wedding cakes. We also offer a myriad of delectable desserts for a variety of palates. Whether you envision a dessert table lined with cupcakes, macarons, and more, our bakers are committed to filling it with options that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Wedding & Surprise Gifts

The sharing of gifts is a beautiful act of love and appreciation. Our collection is perfect for personalised keepsakes, wedding day memory builders, surprise gifts to say ‘I love you’ on those special occasions, and every moment in between.
Whether you are looking for engraved photo frames that hold those precious memories that you can display with pride, or you want to wear your love with our beautiful range of personalised jewellery, the care and attention that has gone into carefully crafting every one of Astroweds’ items is evident not only in the quality but the uniqueness of each.

Live Music & DJ

We know music can make or break the mood of your celebration; that’s why our Live Music and DJ Entertainment Services are the perfect mix of options to match the mood and style of your wedding. Our Live Music options range from acoustic renditions of romantic ballads to energetic performances that get your guests on their feet. Our DJs will create the perfect playlist to fit your musical preferences, from the moment your seat is released through your cocktail hour, dinner, and, of course, the dance floor.


At Astroweds, we understand the significance of the wedding ceremony as a sacred and cherished moment in your life. Our pandits bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each ceremony, ensuring that the union is conducted with authenticity and reverence. Whether you wish to follow traditional customs or incorporate elements of your personality into the wedding ceremony, our pandits adapt to meet your needs and work with you to create a ceremony that represents the fulfilment of your spiritual and cultural values.
Our pandits play many roles beyond the ceremonial aspects of your union. They are there to provide much-needed moral and spiritual guidance as you move towards the wedding ceremony. Their compassionate and supportive approach will ensure that you feel supported and at ease as you embark on a sacred journey together.


At Astroweds, we realise that your honeymoon is the most personal, intimate part of your wedding celebration. Therefore, our Tailored Honeymoon Packages are designed to cater to your preferences for multiple destinations and experiences that could form your ideal romantic vacation.
We’ll help you select the most dreamy locations and arrange accommodations, activities, and even special surprises for your significant other. Our goal is to craft an immersive experience where the story of your love takes on a life of its own. As a result, your honeymoon becomes more than just a vacation; it becomes the first celebration of your lives together

Band Baja & Panche Baja

Every cultural element is significant in a wedding celebration, and at Astroweds, we understand this very well. From galvanising processions to upbeat performances, the band baaja will make sure there’s not a single dull moment through your wedding. The cultural tapestry of your celebration is further enriched by the composition of The Panche Baja, a traditional Nepali musical ensemble with its accompanying beats to create an auditory spectacle that infuses cultural richness and grandeur into your wedding.

Horse And Baggi

We understand the significance of making a grand entrance. Our horse-drawn carriages are the perfect way for the bride and groom to express their Royal Wedding with an elegance that all will enjoy and provide an unforgettable experience. The baggi symbolises your grand entrance, as it's lavishly decorated to introduce a touch of culture into your wedding procession. Our baggi is pulled by a well-adorned horse, slowly making its way through the crowd grandly and distinctively.


At Astroweds, you can access a wide range of wedding services, such as astrology consultation, kundli matching, puja services, photography, decoration, catering, dresses, jewellery, and more. For more details on how you can access these services, contact our support team.

At Astroweds, anyone can become a vendor for our wedding services. If you want to become part of our family, fill out the vendor's registration form. After submitting the form, our team will review your application and contact you once it is accepted.

Yes, we thoroughly vet and select vendors based on their expertise, professionalism, and customer reviews. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have access to high-quality services for their special day.

Yes. We understand that every wedding is unique. Our vendors are flexible and open to customization to meet your specific preferences. For any query, you can discuss your requirements with the respective vendors.

Astroweds offers a user interface that is easy to navigate, where you can select providers according to their services. You can click into such categories as photography and catering, browse through vendor profiles, and then pick out the ones that are right for your ideal wedding.

Yes, you can pick multiple services and book them all from different vendors through Astroweds. Our site is set up to offer a one-stop shopping solution for anything you could need related to your wedding.

On our website, every vendor's profile has a contact option. You can either use the contact number provided or fill in and submit an inquiry form on the vendor's page. Our team can also help you to connect with vendors.

Yes. We encourage customers to share their experiences with our vendors. You can find reviews and testimonials for each vendor on their profile page in order to possibly present insights into the services they offer and how satisfied customers are about it.

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