What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Card Reading is a powerful tool for internal reflection and exploration of life’s possibilities. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with the universe and receive solution for the current and future circumstances. Tarot Card is a deck of uniquely designed cards that assist us in various aspects of the life including love, work, relationship, and spirituality.

Types of Tarot Card

Tarot cards consist of mainly two types which are the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Each type pertains to a different part of the Tarot reading.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana have 22 cards, consisting of clear symbolism, significant life events and archetypal influences. These cards are at the core of the Tarot and reflect the most profound and spiritual aspects of human experience. Some of its significant cards include:

Major Arcana Minor Arcana
The Hierophant Strength
Wheel of Fortune Death
The Devil The Moon
The Lovers
The Tower
The World
The Chariot
The Hanged Man
The Star
The Hermit
The Sun

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards. These are broken into four Suits, 14 cards per suit: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each suit consists of numbered cards from Ace to 10. It also has four court cards: Page, Knight, Queen, and King. The Minor Arcana deals with day-to-day and present issues. Their insights are usually worldly and familiar. Each suit and its associated themes include:

  • Wands (Fire):

    Representing inspiration, spirituality, and energy. The Suit of Wands contains 14 cards that can give insight into both the current and future experience of the questioner. They are most often associated with career, creativity, and personal growth.

  • Cups (Water):

    Concerned with emotions, relationships, and intuition. The Suit of Cups, appearing in the Tarot reading, can touch on love, emotional health, and spiritual matters.

  • Swords (Air):

    Pertaining to thoughts, communication, and intellect. The cards from the Suit of Swords can reveal details about the various issues relating to the questioner’s mental state.

  • Pentacles (Earth):

    Associated with the material aspects of life, economic transactions, and the physical world. The last set of 14 cards, Suit of Pentacles, can give readers insight into money, work, and general physical health.

Difference between Major and Minor Arcana Cards

The Major and Minor Arcana cards have their own differences but are very important to balance one another out. Here are a few key differences between Major and Minor Arcana cards:

  • 1. Scope of Influence:

    Major Arcana cards represent powerful life events, spiritual lessons, and archetypal influences. They can also disclose when the questioner will experience a significant turning point, help discern a deeper life meaning, and resolve issues integral to universal themes. Minor Arcana cards, on the other hand, deal with the rather mundane events: the questioner’s day-to-day challenges, happenings, and worries, and are the focus of the typical Tarot reading.

  • 2. Number of Cards:

    Major Arcana cards consist of 22 trump cards numbered (and named) as 0-Angel, 1-The Magician, all the way through 21-The World. Minor Arcana consists of rest of the 56 cards that are broken down into four suits: wands (fire), cups (water), swords (air), and pentacles (earth).

  • 3. Archetypal vs. Practical:h3>

    The cards in the Major Arcana depict more consequential and archetypal themes of a spiritual nature when they are drawn in a Tarot reading. Whereas, Minor Arcana cards are considered to depict the minor (or practical) life circumstances influencing the questioner.

  • 4. Frequency of Appearance:

    As the life events represented by Major Arcana cards occur less often than those of the Minor Arcana, these cards appear less. It shows that they carry more weight when they do show up.

  • 5. Application:

    While both Major and Minor Arcana cards have an impact on tarot readings, they feature some essential differences, primarily in their scopes, symbolism, and influences. Major Arcana cards deal with broader and more profound influences at work in a questioner's life. Whereas, Minor Arcana cards disclose influences that are far more real and practical.

  • 6. Structured vs. Individual Numbering:

    Major Arcana cards are individually numbered as Roman numerals. Numbered from 0 to 21, they represent a distinctive, structured progression of symbolic themes and meanings. Minor Arcana cards, by contrast, are numbered from Ace to 10 plus four face cards for each suit. In this way, they offer a detailed, significant framework for discerning the questioner’s story. They show the hidden factors of the past, present, and future.

  • 7. Symbolism and Imagery:

    Major Arcana cards offer mystical, large-scale symbolism and often feature allegorical (like the Star, the Fool, the Hanged Man) or archetypal (like the Chariot, the Lovers, the Hermit) figures that possess deep spiritual, psychological, and religious meaning. Minor Arcana cards offer more familiar, everyday images and symbols that are more specifically related to the individual. This way, they can offer very concrete insights into a questioner's life.

One Card Reading

These are among the best spreads where only one card is drawn. It contains a single question to focus on your day.

In-Depth Love reading

For singles, an in-depth love tarot reading can be an excellent way to determine everything about their love life.

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Erotic Love Reading

An erotic love reading is a great way to determine feelings of attraction, sexual desire, love, and compatibility.

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Made For Each Other Reading

A made for each other tarot reading is a branch of love tarot reading or relationship tarot reading, individuals can determine.

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Daily Tarot Reading

Seize the Day! Get a peek into your daily events and occurrences and plan your risks accordingly.

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Career Daily Reading

Career Daily Reading is a branch of tarot reading that looks into your career, its opportunities.

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Egyptian Tarot Card Reading

The Egyptian tarot composition is intricate in a manner where the Egyptian culture is symbolism.

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Ex-flame Tarot Reading

The Ex-flame relationship tarot card reading session is mainly for your past relationship, fling, and partner relatable.

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Divine Angel Reading

This angel tarot card's meaning will focus on your problem. In this particular type of angel reading, tarot cards showcase.

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Past Lives Connection Reading

The past life relationship spread will tell you about your past life relationship, its meaning, signs of past life lovers.

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Power Life Reading

In Power Life Tarot Card Reading, a deck of tarot cards is laid out, and the chosen power tarot card tells you how to regain power.

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Know Your Friend Reading

A 'Know Your Friend' tarot card reading is a unique branch of tarot reading where your friendship is tarot cards.

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Flirt Love Tarot Reading

Flirt Love Tarot Reading is a specially curated love reading that will unveil various hidden aspects of your life.

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Dream Come True Reading

The meaning or aim behind Dream Come True Tarot Reading is to highlight the answers you seek.

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Fortune Cookie Reading

A fortune cookie online reading will give you unique messages per your energy, frequency, and vibe.

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Which Aniaml Are You Reading

a Spirit Animal Tarot Reading will tell you which animal represents you and how you can discover your animal.

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Two Card Reading

These cards provide the reason behind present life issues and solutions to resolve them.

Heartbreak Reading

A heartbreak tarot reading is an essential category of love tarot reading which spiritually studies.

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Wisdom Reading

Wisdom reading is a part of tarot reading, where two cards come together to give you in-depth guidance.

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Divine Magic Reading

the Divine Magic Reading will help you
get your life back on track. This particular area of reading.

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Most of us have wondered what tarot card reading is, how tarot predictions affect our lives, and what each tarot card represents. In astrology, tarot cards play a vital role in helping build tarot horoscopes that provide direction and guidance. Mainly, Tarot readings are based on your energy and the energy of the Universe, which is the key to the tarot reading. Moreover, these readings and predictions are signs from your spiritual guides. If you are someone who believes in angels, spiritual guides, and spiritual energies, then tarot card readings are meant for you.

Tarot card reading is a detailed study that allows individuals to reveal the secrets of the Universe, understand the things happening around them, expect what’s about to come toward them and stay prepared for it. Tarot cards meaning, aid in tarot card divination practices, and are essential for not just the reader but also the seeker.

In a free tarot card reading, the reader is the tarot reader who will engage in tarot card interpretation or tarot card explanation, and the seeker is the individual who will ask for solutions and guidance from the Universe through tarot cards and their meaning.

Connect with an Astrologer on Call or Chat for more personalised detailed predictions.

Three Card Reading

These cards weigh the past, present, and future. It also suggests methods to decode the deepest mysteries of fate and help us know how to enhance our luck.

Love Triangle reading

The love triangle technique in a tarot reading is choosing three cards and help you choose between two potential love interests.

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Past-Present-Future Reading

A past, present future tarot session can help you determine how to overcome overwhelming, stressful situations.

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Coffee Cup Reading

coffee cup reading is also known as Cafeomancy, and the messages will help you understand what you should do.

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Love Compatibility Tarot Reading

Love compatibility in a tarot reading is nothing but a test of the dynamic shared between you and your partner.

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Free Tarot Reading

In a free Tarot card reading, the card readers engage in the interpretation or explanation of Tarot cards. The seekers or questioners come with their questions and ask for the Tarot card's meaning or interpretation.

Major Arcana

These are the classic cards that represent life lessons and
karmic influences in your life readings.

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Minor Arcana

It represents moving energy; that means it answers to the daily affairs and practical aspects of life.

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One Card tarot Reading

One card reading, also known as one-card pull, is a way of tarot reading in which a single card predictions.

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Three Card tarot Reading

The Three Card Tarot Reading investigates and illuminates factors that improve your luck of your future.

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What is One Card Reading?

In tarot reading, there are various spreads and special techniques. One such technique is the One card reading or one card pull. The Single Pull reading is a unique way of making predictions and horoscopes wherein you ask a specific question. Usually, it is a yes or no question, following which a single card is drawn to give you the answers you seek.

This type of free tarot card reading by date of birth is done to predict how a particular day will be, focus on simple questions related to the future, or develop the intuitive skills of the individual. Since the single card reading is so simple, you can do it yourself if you know a little about tarot cards and their readings. Pulling one card from the tarot deck strengthens your knowledge and understanding of the card, the similarities between your life and the unique card, and general guidance regarding what you should do concerning a situation.

Like all tarot reading sessions, the One Card Tarot Reading session also has some set rules. Since tarot readings are based on energies and auras, the first thing you should do is calm yourself, check your energy, get in tune with the power of the Universe, cleanse your aura, and call upon the blessings of your spiritual guides. To answer “What is Tarot Reading?”, it is essential to understand, respect, and follow the rules set for this branch of spirituality. It is essential for seekers to remember that they mustn’t approach tarot card divination practices and tarot card and their meaning with any negative or harmful intention.

Following this, you should set your intention for the reading and the question you have in mind. In tarot reading, the purpose behind your need to be in a reading session plays a pivotal role. After this, it is advisable to choose your question, and you should do this before touching the deck. Moreover, it would be best to keep repeating the question in your mind and then choose a card intuitively.

While you can ask any type of question such as "Will I get a good job?", "Will I study in a good institution?" "Will I be rich?" or "Does my partner love me?" are some questions you must avoid at all costs. These questions are related to death, supernatural elements, and people who have passed away. According to the tarot card and meaning, sensitive topics such as the dark sciences, death, and supernatural elements surrounding death should be avoided. Per tarot cards meaning, since tarot cards are primary tools for connecting with the Universe, the formerly mentioned areas of questioning may welcome negative forces or harm the reader and seeker.

Now, after choosing your question, you should choose your card based on your inclination. If you feel a certain pull of energy toward a particular card, then that is the card that the Universe gives you as your answer. Also, it is significant not to rethink your emotions or choice as you may spoil the reading. Lastly, reflect on the chosen card, solve its meaning, and know what it's saying to you.

What are the Benefits of One Card Tarot Reading?

  • When focusing on one card tarot, we get to know the underlying meaning of the particular card. Then, by embedding its significance in our subconscious mind, we can better understand the card and develop the intuition to read the tarot and the sign it's giving.
  • Single angel card readings are analysed in a way that helps the individual develop a certain sense of the card and what it is saying. For example, the 'pick a card reading' branch of tarot astrology focuses on the imagery, mood, story, visual, and traditional meaning of the card.
  • Pulling 1 card from the tarot can focus more intensely on every card and its symbolism. This focus helps deepen the knowledge of the card and can highlight similar patterns in your life.
  • 1 card tarot readings are meant for simple, quick, and general readings. If you wish to acquire answers to simple questions regarding your day, relationship, career, or academics, then you should choose the single card tarot reading.

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What is the history of Tarot Card reading?

Tarot card reading actually has its roots in Europe and started around in 14th century. Initially, they weren’t even used for divination but for entertainment. The first known Tarot decks first emerged in the northern Italian region in the mid-15th century. A deck of tarot cards probably served as a high-society model for the first cards.

The 19th century saw a craze for linking sacred oracular techniques for women seeking men to various spiritual philosophies. Dozens of books from then spell out the links among the Tarot, ancient wisdom, and spiritual teaching. The decks and books have since become mass-market products.

The practice of Tarot reading today primarily revolves around elaborating the meanings of a deck of powerful, symbolic cards that can accommodate any of the many different decks currently in circulation. The process of Tarot card reading has evolved to encompass an expansive universe of diverse decks and interpretations.

Tarot, a once-simple deck of playing cards, has grown into a complex system with numerous, highly personal entries — a divinatory soundbox to which hundreds of artists, writers, historians, psychics, and anyone with access to a pencil and paper have been and are still, adding their own notes.

Significance of Tarot Card Reading

Individuals and communities from a diverse array of spiritual, psychological, and personal development paths recently have increasingly returned to Tarot reading for many purposes, including but not limited to:

How to read the Tarot Cards?

Reading Tarot cards means more than memorizing the meanings of each image or symbol. It takes a combination of knowledge and a generous amount of intuition to interpret a card spread properly. Here are the basic steps a beginner can take to get started:


The workings of Tarot cards are complicated and they are often used as a blend of intuition, personal interpretation, and symbolism. Although there is no scientific proof how Tarot works. Multiple practitioners claim to have their own ideas about the process. Many who use it see it as being a purely psychological tool, whilst others bring a spiritual aspect to their practice, and see the cards as a link to the divine. The effectiveness of Tarot ultimately comes from you.

Yes! At Astroweds, we offer virtual Tarot readings. Online Tarot reading is as effective as in-person readings, as the energy and intention behind the cards transcend physical location.

Tarot cannot predict the future with certainty. Instead, it offers insights and guidance based on the energies surrounding the questioner at the time of the reading. The future is constantly being shaped by a variety of factors, including free will and external events, and it is, therefore, fluid and subject to change.

Absolutely. While Tarot readings are incapable of predicting the future — there is no definitive way they can forecast certain details and events. Instead, they can help you to get more in touch with your inner charismatic self. Reputable astrologers and psychics have utilized Tarot cards for centuries.

The accuracy of an online Tarot reading relies on the reader's skill, intuition, and experience, along with a strong personal connection with the cards. Online readings can be extremely accurate, particularly when an experienced Tarot reader can interpret the cards with practical accuracy.

Discussing in a yes/no frame is not recommended. During your Tarot reading, you should ask open-ended and specific love questions. Such as, "What can I do to fix my existing relationship?" or "What should I be conscious of in my romantic life?"

While it represents positivity, success, and happiness, the Sun card is not a direct yes or no when laying it out in a card reading. It usually serves well in showing up when it should represent how good the answer is for the reader.

The powerful nature of a Tarot card from the Major Arcana depends hugely on the reader. However, some of the powerful cards that stand out as symbolizing major beginnings or completion are the very first and very last card, The Fool and The World, respectively.

The card called Wheel of Fortune represents luck and fortune in the Tarot. It can actually turn up when luck is on your side.

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