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Our personalised matchmaking service powered by Astroweds Matrimony will help you find your perfect partner:

  • We provide a dedicated senior relationship manager from your locality who understands and values your cultural nuances.
  • Your relationship manager shortlists your potential match from Nepal & abroad. Then, contact them to schedule a video or direct call.
  • Our platform offers a wider choice of matches from Astroweds Matrimony and conducts first-level horoscope matching to ensure compatibility.
  • We provide increased profile visibility and profile enhancements to help you showcase your best self.
  • For a more exclusive experience, we offer the Prime Gold package which includes access to our Elite database.

Welcome to the Astroweds Matrimonial page!

Are you on a journey to find your love and feeling lost and overwhelmed? Astroweds is designed just for you! We know that finding your partner is a long process. One that should not be daunting, but rather, both exciting and fun.
And so, we have pledged to make it a smooth and uncomplicated ride for you. Our team of expert matchmakers, professional relationship coaches, and astrologers work round the clock to help you figure out the plan for your married life.
Astroweds Matrimony is a lot more than just a matchmaking service. We understand that everyone is unique. So, we’ve created our own tailor-made solution to help you meet your exact needs and preferences.
In addition to personalised match recommendations, we offer a range of membership options, compatibility reports, background checks, relationship coaching, and much more. So, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels with nothing to show for it, join us as we help you to find your perfect match.

Explore Our Exclusive Matrimony Services:

1. Astrological Compatibility Matching:

A unique astrological compatibility matching is offered at Astroweds. We help you discover the cosmic connections between you and your potential life partner. Our talented astrologers will analyse your birth charts to help you find the magic of celestial alignment to be sure that you are truly a match made in the stars.
By mapping the position of the planets at the precious time you were born, our astrologers can provide detailed and enlightening insight. It includes your strengths, weaknesses, and true compatibility, allowing you to truly understand each other.

2. Personalised Matchmaking:

At Astroweds, we understand that no two hearts beat the same. And no two matches should either. We approach your unique preferences, values, and aspirations as we carefully curate your life partners to embody your true essence.

We know that searching for your life partner can be overwhelming, and we make it our goal to make it easy - and fun! We are there at every step, from your introduction and interviews to your final decision.

3. Relationship Coaching:

Love is a journey, and we’re here to walk with you. Lean on the lessons learned to ensure a smooth journey ahead under the guidance of our experienced relationship coaches. After meeting your match, your relationship coach will provide insight and expert advice designed to help you find your way through the normal ups and downs of a fulfilling relationship. Our relationship coaches will also work with you to achieve your goal with one-on-one support.

4. Exclusive Community Events:

Grow your family tree with new branches made up of like-minded people. Our exclusive community events take us to unique, themed mixers and creative workshops to share, laugh, and connect in a warm environment. As singles mix and mingle, we lighten the mood with good music and great drinks.

Events are designed to unite people under one fun umbrella: our seamlessly orchestrated events are tailor-made to bring people together, make strong personal connections, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s adding a new partner to your life or simply expanding your personal network, join us for the perfect ride to get you where you want to be in no time!

5. Secure and Confidential Platform:

At Astroweds, your safety and privacy are our topmost concerns. We want to offer you a peaceful, safe atmosphere to let genuine connections grow. Thus, we promise you a confidential and secure platform that assures all the vital information about your profile is rapidly and automatically protected and secured so that no external access is permitted. And you can focus on finding your ‘someone special’ without having to worry about your privacy.

Features of Matchmaking by Astroweds:

Astroweds offers a matchmaking service that acknowledges the power of shared values and beliefs in a successful marriage. It enhances the traditional technique of horoscope matching by developing and enhancing the modern concept of compatibility check. Here’s a quick look at some of the features people love the most about our service:

Region-based partner search

This search allows you to find your life partner on the basis of religious preference. We believe that the initial spiritual connection is key to a strong and lasting relationship. That’s why we give you access to a comprehensive database of potential partners from various religious backgrounds. That way, you can be sure you find someone who shares your views and beliefs.

Caste-based search

Cultural compatibility is another important feature to consider when finding someone with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our caste-based search options. These can help you find other eligible singles that share your cultural background and values for a marriage that’s not just a union between husband and wife but also one between traditions and customs.

Language-based search

We also have a feature to find your life partner on the basis of your mother tongue, which is a time-honoured way to build a connection between you and the one you were meant to be with.

Status-based search

At Astroweds, we understand the sanctity of diverse marital statuses. It is our understanding that the journey to love is unique to everyone and must accommodate broader parameters. Pick from single, divorced, or widowed, ensuring our platform can provide every person with a fair shot at finding their life partner.

Location-based search

In addition, sometimes geographical placement plays a big part in who you interact with and meet. At Astroweds, we understand that and offer the ability to filter based on specific states and cities to ensure our possibilities intersect with our parameters in whoever we might be seeking.
At Astroweds, it is our goal to better your matchmaking experience by offering a plethora of features and privileges that come with lots of value. From caste and religion to mother tongue, marital status, and geography, we provide tools that can seriously rise to the occasion with the objective of finding your life partner.

Why Choose Astroweds Matrimony?:

Comprehensive Profile Matching

Astroweds intelligent algorithms create a comprehensive profile-matching system that goes beyond the typical pieces of information it could have garnered from potential matches. We focus on everything that makes you, YOU! And, in turn, match you with new members by way of a super-straightforward user interface.

Advanced Search Features

Effortlessly explore a sea of profiles with our advanced search features. Based on your key criteria preferences, you can filter out and find just that person that matches your unique requirements.

Verified Profiles for Trust and Security

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. You can rest assured that all the profiles on Astroweds have been analysed through a strict verification process. This is your secure haven for the journey of your matchmaking.

Unique Vedic Astrology Integration

Delve into the mystical world of Vedic astrology to see with new eyes the Venn diagram of your and your partner’s compatibility. With Kundali matching, get personalised insights and recommendations from our Vedic astrologers, ensuring that, much like celestial bodies, your union works.

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

Because we believe that love shouldn’t elude anyone due to budget constraints. So, our matchmaking services are available at competitive prices. Be assured to find a match beneath the excess of a hefty price tag.

100% convenience

Let wedding planning be an enjoyable ride with our expert wedding planners at your behest. Be it venue selection, decor, photography, catering, or anything else, we have your back.

Transparent Pricing

No surprises, no hidden charges. We believe in transparency, and our upfront pricing means that you know the fees for the services you require.

Shortlist Services Based on Your Needs

Customise your wedding experience by shortlisting from a wide choice of services including venue booking, decor, photography, catering and more. Get only the services that you need for your vision of the perfect wedding.

Largest Network of Venues

Astroweds is Nepal’s first and only platform with the largest network of venues. We'll have your back whether you're in the mood for a small, intimate wedding or a huge, lavish celebration.

Top-Rated Wedding Professionals

Browse the best wedding decorators, photographers, planners, and more from your city on our platform; we’ve made sure to give you only the most professional, top-rated service providers to make your day a seamless and memorable one.

Free Biodata Creation

Make a big first impression by creating a Biodata for free, and get ready to find the one for you. Craft a wonderful Biodata online that perfectly showcases who you are in the process, and see your potential matches pour in!

Online Matrimony: Unlocking Love in the Digital Age

In a world where technology is an integral part of everyday living, the quest for love has taken on a virtual hue. As such, it is little wonder that online matrimony has emerged as one of the defining trends of contemporary Nepali culture. This unexplored approach to matchmaking not only sets a new benchmark for the convenience of searching for a lifetime partner but also overhauls the entire search, communication, and connection process.

Embracing Convenience:

One of the primary conveniences that modern technology has brought to our lives is the ability to seek companionship free from the limitations of geography and the bonds of tradition. By tapping into the technology of the day, online matrimony has enabled millions of individuals to take a swipe at finding their life partners.

Just imagine being able to browse through thousands of profiles and even more photographs, all while sitting in bed in a cosy pyjama set and munching on cookies – well, it’s no longer a figment of your imagination

How Technology Enhances Matchmaking:

Technology has revolutionised the way individuals meet and marry. It serves as the digital cupid, working to enhance the process for you. Your online matrimony service is equipped with intelligent algorithms based on comprehensive compatibility metrics to offer you profiles with the highest potential for a successful marriage.

It ensures that they match you based not just on similar surface preferences but deeper, true compatibility. Other advanced features like personalised match suggestions, intelligent filtering, and real-time notifications keep you informed and engaged through the process—dynamic and responsive to changing preferences.

Time-saving, Efficient Process:

Gone are the days of waiting and the long searches for the one. The process is now streamlined. Online matrimony saves valuable time for individuals leading busy lives. Directly connect to a large number of potential matches from the comfort of home or on the go — saving your time from exhaustive searches for finding potential partners!
The ability to communicate in real time makes for a far more compelling conversation. Not only does this lead to a proper understanding of your partner, but it also allows you to reach a potential match much sooner. This style of quick, back-and-forth conversation isn’t only respectful of the frenetic pace of modern life but also helps ensure you find a compatible partner as soon as humanly possible.
At last, online matrimony is a beautiful reflection of just how technology can revolutionise the age-old world of romantic endeavours. It’s so convenient, yes, but it also uses the might of complex algorithms to connect you with the love of your life, all while saving precious time. It’s time to embrace the future of matrimony — where your true love is just a click away!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Astroweds Matrimony Services

1. What makes Astroweds different from other matrimony services?

Astroweds uses a proprietary matchmaking process that mixes traditional matchmaking practices with Vedic astrology to give a nationwide audience a better sense of marital compatibility thereby setting them up for a more peaceful and fulfilled relationship. What separates us from any sort of outmoded matchmaking service is this innovative combination of tradition and technology. While our own expert matchmakers are still diligently working away to really ascertain whether a match is the right sort of fit, they have an obstacle to the process.

2. How do Astroweds use astrology in matchmaking?

Astroweds is a matchmaking service designed to help unite people through the power of astrology; its team of expert astrologers analyses the birth chart of a potential match to determine their astrological qualities.
Astroweds astrologers use an array of astrological advice — from an analysis of the positions of the planets to an assessment of astrology signs — to gain insights and offer guidance to those addressing the marriage market. The difference is that these insights are unique to the individual; therefore, offering these matchmaking services is their own tailored plan.

3. Are profiles on Astroweds verified for trust and security?

Yes, all profiles undergo a strict verification process in order to be a part of the secure environment. You can trust that the profiles you explore are authentic and serious about seeking a companion for life.

4. What is Kundali matching? How does it work on Astroweds?

Kundali matching is an ancient Vedic astrology method to analyse the compatibility between two possible life partners. Astroweds uses this tool to delve deep into your birth charts and analyse the cosmic alignment. It gives a thorough understanding of the compatibility of the couple. It can ensure that couples are empowered to make informed decisions about their future.

5. How can I take advantage of the free daily horoscope predictions?

Simply create an account on Astroweds. Here, you will find personalised daily horoscope predictions catering to different aspects of your life, such as love, career, and health.

6. Can I choose specific services based on my wedding needs?

Of course! On Astroweds, you have the flexibility to select services that you require. You can make your selection(s) from a variety of services, including, but not limited to, venue booking, decor, photography, catering, and much more.

7. How does the personalised matchmaking service work?

The personalised matchmaking service takes into consideration your interests, values, and dreams to find life partners who resonate with your individual essence. This helps you find your perfect match through our handpicked profiles.

8. Are there hidden charges or upfront costs for services on Astroweds?

We believe in complete transparency, so there are no hidden charges, and you can see the upfront costs of all the services that you pick.


Many people think that astrologers can predict the future, but in reality, this is not true. Astrology online predictions are based on the movement of the planets, which can be good or bad for you.

For example, if Rahu is in a friendly zodiac sign, you are likely to have good fortune. But if Rahu is in an unfavourable position, you may expect some challenges in your life. So if you are also looking for a reliable astro app, Astroweds is at your service. An astrologer can tell you if your upcoming time is good or bad based on calculations of your birth chart.

Astroweds is the perfect Astro app for astrology for prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering outstanding services.

Our team of experts online jyotish ensures the reliability and expertise of their services. We also ensure that our clients receive reliable guidance and a superior experience.

Astroweds covers various services, from love and career advice to financial guidance and meeting personal and professional needs.

With our 100+ astrologers, we stand as a trusted and dependable resource in astrology.

Astrology can be trusted depending on personal beliefs. Some find meaning and guidance in astrological readings, using them as tools for self-reflection.

Astrology is totally based on planetary movements. While it can not predict the exact moments, it analyzes the planets' positions and their effect on us.

For instance, if a planet like Venus is in a good position, things go well for you.

Astrology is a subjective choice; individuals providing proper information like birth time, date, and many more can help predict your future correctly.

free astrology consultation can bring valuable insights into your life. But the free astrology prediction from the online jyotish of Astroweds is slightly different.

Our experienced astrologers guide relationships, career paths, and critical life events.

The plus point is that you will get advice and perspective from an astrologer for free, which can benefit personal growth and decision-making.

Astroweds stands out from other astrology platforms due to its key features.
  • Astroweds ensures credibility with a team of verified and experienced astrologers.
  • Your privacy is a top concern; we are creating a secure and confidential space for consultations.
  • Multiple options like calls and online chat make online astrological guidance easy and accessible.
  • Astroweds stands out by providing quick and practical solutions to your queries.
  • Access astrological guidance conveniently with user-friendly apps for Android and iOS

  • Go to Astroweds on your computer or mobile device.
  • Look for the section dedicated to Free Janam Kundli on the homepage.
  • Input your birth date, time, and place.
  • Click the "Submit" or "Generate" button.
  • Allow the website to process your information.
  • Once ready, view and download your Free Janam Kundli.
  • Take a moment to explore different aspects of your Kundli, such as planetary positions and predictions.

At Anytime Astro, your privacy and security is our top priority. We adopt the highest security standards to keep your data and information Astromall is one of the essential parts of Astroweds. It is here to cater to all of your needs for spiritual products.

The Astromall Shop offers a variety of products designed to bring peace and positivity to your life. From spiritual items like Rudraksha beads to gemstones, the shop provides options to align with your preferences.

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