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Many people think that astrologers can predict the future, but in reality, this is not true. Astrology online predictions are based on the movement of the planets, which can be good or bad for you.

For example, if Rahu is in a friendly zodiac sign, you are likely to have good fortune. But if Rahu is in an unfavourable position, you may expect some challenges in your life. So if you are also looking for a reliable astro app, Astroweds is at your service. An astrologer can tell you if your upcoming time is good or bad based on calculations of your birth chart.

Astroweds is the perfect Astro app for astrology for prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering outstanding services.

Our team of experts online jyotish ensures the reliability and expertise of their services. We also ensure that our clients receive reliable guidance and a superior experience.

Astroweds covers various services, from love and career advice to financial guidance and meeting personal and professional needs.

With our 100+ astrologers, we stand as a trusted and dependable resource in astrology.

Astrology can be trusted depending on personal beliefs. Some find meaning and guidance in astrological readings, using them as tools for self-reflection.

Astrology is totally based on planetary movements. While it can not predict the exact moments, it analyzes the planets' positions and their effect on us.

For instance, if a planet like Venus is in a good position, things go well for you.

Astrology is a subjective choice; individuals providing proper information like birth time, date, and many more can help predict your future correctly.

free astrology consultation can bring valuable insights into your life. But the free astrology prediction from the online jyotish of Astroweds is slightly different.

Our experienced astrologers guide relationships, career paths, and critical life events.

The plus point is that you will get advice and perspective from an astrologer for free, which can benefit personal growth and decision-making.

Astroweds stands out from other astrology platforms due to its key features.
  • Astroweds ensures credibility with a team of verified and experienced astrologers.
  • Your privacy is a top concern; we are creating a secure and confidential space for consultations.
  • Multiple options like calls and online chat make online astrological guidance easy and accessible.
  • Astroweds stands out by providing quick and practical solutions to your queries.
  • Access astrological guidance conveniently with user-friendly apps for Android and iOS

  • Go to Astroweds on your computer or mobile device.
  • Look for the section dedicated to Free Janam Kundli on the homepage.
  • Input your birth date, time, and place.
  • Click the "Submit" or "Generate" button.
  • Allow the website to process your information.
  • Once ready, view and download your Free Janam Kundli.
  • Take a moment to explore different aspects of your Kundli, such as planetary positions and predictions.

At Anytime Astro, your privacy and security is our top priority. We adopt the highest security standards to keep your data and information Astromall is one of the essential parts of Astroweds. It is here to cater to all of your needs for spiritual products.

The Astromall Shop offers a variety of products designed to bring peace and positivity to your life. From spiritual items like Rudraksha beads to gemstones, the shop provides options to align with your preferences.

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