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Verified Expert Astrologers
Verified Expert Astrologers
Verified Expert Astrologers


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Are you tired of feeling lost about your future? Astroweds is here to help!

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Our professional astrologers are available 24/7. They will help you find clarity in your life with the best astrological advice.

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Start your day with valuable insights from our daily astrology online predictions. Get accurate astrology readings as per your birth chart and kundli!

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  • Business predictions
  • And much more


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Feeling lost or confused about love, life, or work? Tired of getting scammed by fake astrologers? Astroweds is here for you! We have real, caring astrology experts who can give you accurate predictions and advice, anytime, anywhere. No more wasting money or getting ripped off.

Astroweds is like your personal astrologer, always available 24/7 to give you genuine solutions. Get 24/7 astrology readings and horoscope predictions for:

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Astrology- A Medium To Predict Your Future!

Have you ever wondered what your tomorrow holds? If not, astrology can help you find out!

Astrology studies how the movements and positions of celestial bodies in the Universe affect our lives.

It helps us understand how planets and stars influence different aspects of our lives. Hence, astrology has been around for thousands of years. People from all walks of life have used it to gain insight into their lives.

Some people may call astrology a delusive thing. But there is no denying that it can be a powerful tool for self-discovery.

Astrology offers life predictions based on a detailed Kundli. It also tells you about the near future through daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. At last, it’s a glimpse into your future.

Vedic Astrology reading is quite vast. This study shows their influence on life and suggests remedies to counter their adverse effects.

Its process starts by studying the 9 planets (Navgrahas) placed in the twelve houses of one's Kundli. Sun (Surya), Mars (Mangal), Moon (Chandra), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati ), Venus (Shukra), Saturn( Shani), Ketu and Rahu. Planets can impact our lives positively or adversely based on their house placement.

For example, Saturn doesn't need to bring negative impacts. Or Jupiter will be a positive one in our life.

Apart from the Navgrahas, there are Nakshatras. Nakshatras are also the different constellations that impact an individual's life. There are around 27 Nakshatras in ancient Vedic astrology.

Every house in your Kundli represents a different corner of your life. Similarly, Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Ascendants, and Descendants are essential in your birth chart.

Astrologer Near Me

Some of us may have searched for answers to questions like 'Jyotish near me', ‘good astrologer near me with fees’ or ‘online astrologer near me’. But what if you can talk to an astrologer online from the comfort of your home?

So if you also want to get free astrology advice online, which is highly accurate and reliable. Then the Astroweds is the ideal answer. Astroweds is the unique Astro app where you can get astrology consultations over Live sessions. Moreover, you can also get extensive free astrology predictions at a minimal price.

Benefits of Consulting an Online Astrologer

Do you want to live a joyful and more fulfilling life? Vedic Astrology can help you find your path to increase your potential. But who has the time to travel to an astrologer's office?

That's where Astroweds comes in. We offer convenient and affordable online astrology consultations. You can get personalized guidance from the ease of your own home.

Here are some of the benefits of getting an online astrology consultation from Astroweds:

  • Convenience: You can get an online astrology consultation from the comfort of your home instead of travelling anywhere!
  • Affordability: Online astrology consultations are more affordable than in-person consultations.
  • Privacy: Your privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintained.
  • Flexibility: You can choose the time and date of your consultation according to your convenience.

How Astrology Predictions Can Guide Your Life

Offline or online astrology predictions tap into the movement of planets to predict your future. It not only forecasts your coming times but also helps you to understand its impact on your life. Your online horoscope acts like a life blueprint of your existence. Moreover, it offers insights into your personality, character, and what lies ahead.

The main advantage of online astrology consultation lies in timely guidance and remedies. You can connect with the best astrologers online at Astroweds, the top astrology predictions app. The guidance from these online astrologers helps you navigate life decisions positively.

At last, Vedic astrology predictions guide you towards a successful and happy life. It keeps you one step ahead in love, money, career, marriage, and family. Whether offline or online, astrological remedies can minimize the impact of unfavourable events.

How Online Astrology Services Can Benefit You

Ever wished you could have a personal guide to help guide life's twists and turns? Well, with online astrology services from Astroweds, you can! Skip the travel and get expert astrological guidance from the comfort of your home.

Astroweds has made it simple for you to connect with the best online astrologers, numerologists, palmists, and tarot-reading experts.

Here's how Astroweds can benefit you with the best online Astrology consultation services:

  • Effortless Connection: No more traffic jams or scheduling hassles. With just a few clicks, you're chatting with your best astrologer online!
  • Time-saving and Affordable: Skip the expensive in-person sessions. Online consultations are budget-friendly and save you precious time.
  • Confidential Chats: Talk openly and honestly without feeling judged. Online astrologers are sworn to secrecy, so your worries stay between you and the stars.
  • Find Your Perfect Match: Don't settle for the first astrologer you meet. Browse through profiles, read reviews, and choose the one that meets your needs.

Online Astrology Predictions Categories

Astroweds is like a friendly Astro app where you can talk to the best online astrologer free about different parts of your life. They've got you covered if you need clarity about love, family, work, or money!

  • Love and relationships: Do you have any questions about your current or past relationships? Or got questions about exes, cheating, or feelings? You can chat with an Astrologer who can help to clear your confusion.
  • Marriage and family: If you need clarity about your married life, family stuff, or even a second marriage, there's an Astrologer ready to give you advice.
  • Career and job: Are you stuck at work or need help deciding on your career? Talk to Astrologer who can guide you through job stuff, promotions, and tough choices.
  • Money and finance: Are you curious about your money situation or how to improve it long-term? Then, online Astrologers can give you tips on finances and what the future might hold.

Hence, these are the four main categories; you can put almost every question into these categories. This helps you choose expert astrologers to answer your questions. They use Vedic Astrology predictions, tarot reading, numerology, and palmistry to give you the best insights.

Astroweds is the go-to place for your online Astrology consultations. Here, you can connect with top online Astrologers who will guide you in making the right decisions for a better life. They'll help you with the best advice so you can make choices that benefit you the most.

Online Astrology Consultation Services By Astroweds

Astroweds is a platform that offers online astrology services to help you overcome your life problems. Our experienced astrologers are available 24/7. They provide the best astrological online horoscope predictions. We take pride in being the top website for astrology and horoscope consultation. Not only, this we also provide the first free chat with astrologer for our customers.

Astroweds makes every effort to deliver the best Astrology consultation services by the top Astrologers. They're not just traditional astrologers; they're like your supportive friends, ready to guide you through tough times. Whether it's online horoscope predictions, tarot readings, or numerology, we've got a range of services to suit you.
If you want to attend an online Astrology reading session at Astroweds, then you should learn how this process works!

Here are the basic steps you can follow to reach the Astrologers for online jyotish for marriage, career, finance and many more:

  • Download the Astroweds Astro app
  • Sign up with your own basic details
  • Attend your free session of online Astrology consultation
  • Recharge your wallet in the account
  • Choose the best Astrologer online with whom you want to confer
  • Consult your live chat/call session with the best online Astrologers

So if you are still confused about how to choose the best Astrologer for your online session? The one who can make the most accurate and reliable online horoscope? Here are a few things to keep in mind while asking.

First of all, organise your query based on different issues like love, finance, family, etc. Then look for the expert Astrologers of that particular factor and choose them based on the rating given by their clients. These ratings are based on the quality of the online session. Also, you can read the descriptions of these online astrologers where their experience and expertise are mentioned.

By following these tips, you'll find an astrologer who can give you the guidance you need. They can also help you find solutions to life's challenges. Remember, it's all about finding someone you feel comfortable with and who can give you the advice you need!

Special Services - Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are like a tool for telling the future and understanding life. It's kind of like a special deck of 78 cards, split into two groups called Major and Minor Arcana. People who use tarot cards believe they can reveal important things about your life. Unlike astrology, which is more scientific, using tarot cards is considered more of an intuitive art. Some folks think you need a natural talent to understand what the cards are saying about a person's life and if any big changes are coming.

The Minor Arcana has 56 cards, kind of like a regular deck of cards with kings and queens. These cards talk about everyday stuff in your life. The Major Arcana, on the other hand, has 22 cards and is all about big changes in life that affect others.

Some people really like reading tarot cards, but not everyone is good at it. At Astroweds, only those who are truly good at understanding the cards get to read them for clients. This way, the predictions are real and not just random guesses. This makes Astroweds' tarot card services special and something people really want.

If you're curious about whether the cards are on your side, you can easily book a session with any tarot card reader you like. You can choose to chat with them or have a phone call. By asking a few simple questions, they can let you know if what you hope and wish for is likely to happen or not.

Astromall Shop

Want to decorate your home with good vibes but worried about fakes? Or maybe you're looking for real, lucky gemstones suggested by astrologers? Stop stressing! Astroweds store has got your back.

Here's why you can totally trust them:

No fakes: Every item, from stones to decorations, is 100% checked and proven legit by both astrologers and experts.

Good vibes on a budget: These powerful stones and religious items won't cost you a fortune like at other places. You can even snag them at super affordable prices using the Astroweds app!

Say goodbye to bad luck: Whether you're facing troubles in love, life, or just feeling stuck, the right stone or decoration can help turn things around.

So, download the Astroweds app, sign up, and get ready to welcome some serious good luck into your life!


Many people think that astrologers can predict the future, but in reality, this is not true. Astrology online predictions are based on the movement of the planets, which can be good or bad for you.

For example, if Rahu is in a friendly zodiac sign, you are likely to have good fortune. But if Rahu is in an unfavourable position, you may expect some challenges in your life. So if you are also looking for a reliable astro app, Astroweds is at your service. An astrologer can tell you if your upcoming time is good or bad based on calculations of your birth chart.

Astroweds is the perfect Astro app for astrology for prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering outstanding services.

Our team of experts online jyotish ensures the reliability and expertise of their services. We also ensure that our clients receive reliable guidance and a superior experience.

Astroweds covers various services, from love and career advice to financial guidance and meeting personal and professional needs.

With our 100+ astrologers, we stand as a trusted and dependable resource in astrology.

Astrology can be trusted depending on personal beliefs. Some find meaning and guidance in astrological readings, using them as tools for self-reflection.

Astrology is totally based on planetary movements. While it can not predict the exact moments, it analyzes the planets' positions and their effect on us.

For instance, if a planet like Venus is in a good position, things go well for you.

Astrology is a subjective choice; individuals providing proper information like birth time, date, and many more can help predict your future correctly.

free astrology consultation can bring valuable insights into your life. But the free astrology prediction from the online jyotish of Astroweds is slightly different.

Our experienced astrologers guide relationships, career paths, and critical life events.

The plus point is that you will get advice and perspective from an astrologer for free, which can benefit personal growth and decision-making.

Astroweds stands out from other astrology platforms due to its key features.
  • Astroweds ensures credibility with a team of verified and experienced astrologers.
  • Your privacy is a top concern; we are creating a secure and confidential space for consultations.
  • Multiple options like calls and online chat make online astrological guidance easy and accessible.
  • Astroweds stands out by providing quick and practical solutions to your queries.
  • Access astrological guidance conveniently with user-friendly apps for Android and iOS

  • Go to Astroweds on your computer or mobile device.
  • Look for the section dedicated to Free Janam Kundli on the homepage.
  • Input your birth date, time, and place.
  • Click the "Submit" or "Generate" button.
  • Allow the website to process your information.
  • Once ready, view and download your Free Janam Kundli.
  • Take a moment to explore different aspects of your Kundli, such as planetary positions and predictions.

Astromall is one of the essential parts of Astroweds. It is here to cater to all of your needs for spiritual products.

The Astromall Shop offers a variety of products designed to bring peace and positivity to your life. From spiritual items like Rudraksha beads to gemstones, the shop provides options to align with your preferences.

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